Part four of our four-part series on how to build the ultimate buyer’s team is centered around generating referrals, which should be easy if you’ve done the first three parts well. Hopefully, your client was working with a great agent who had a good system for touches and follow-ups throughout the process, their lender was equally professional, and they’ve come away from the transaction completely wowed. Ideally, at this point, the client should be more than willing to share their positive experience with others. 

We need past clients out there in the marketplace acting as our disciples. Step one of earning referrals is making sure that you are there for your client throughout the entire journey, doing everything you can to give them that elite, ‘white glove, red carpet’ feeling. 

“This follow-up strategy is all about winning your client’s heart year after year.”

Step two, then, is making sure you do something special for them at the time of closing. Perhaps you offer to throw them a housewarming party and mail out all of the invitations yourself; to do so, you’ll need first names, last names, and emails/physical addresses. Not only are you providing a warm, fuzzy feeling for your client, but you’re also growing your database along the way. What could be more memorable for your client than a well-organized celebration with all of their family and friends? If you create a special event for them, they will want to refer you to the people who attend. 

You need a system in place for following-up after the closing. What kinds of things are you doing for the anniversary of closing on that house? What about birthdays, holidays, fundraisers, and other events? Staying involved in your clients’ lives is important. It’s much easier to generate business through the people you’ve already helped than it is to start fresh with someone off the street who doesn’t know you from Adam. This follow-up strategy is all about winning your client’s heart year after year.

Here’s a bonus tip (you know me, I’m all about added value): At the beginning of the transaction, have the buyer commit to spreading the word about your performance if you deliver on all of your promises throughout the process (which, of course, you will). You can even make them sign a pledge—it becomes more real that way. 

What other things do you guys do to turn your clients into raving fans? Let me know in the comments, and reach out if you have questions related to this or any other real estate-related topic.