We’re back today for part two of our interview with Movement Mortgage CEO Casey Crawford, who was kind enough to answer yet another great question:

“If I’m a real estate agent, why do I want to partner with a loan officer at Movement Mortgage?”

“At Movement Mortgage, they believe that Realtors provide a valuable service to consumers.”

If you’re a real estate agent who works with Movement Mortgage, you are among friends. Casey and his partner, Toby, were both Realtors. When Casey first started in real estate, he saw that the loan officers and lending institutions were the reason that many of his transactions weren’t running smoothly. 

He then moved into the financial services side of real estate to architect a business that was built around the Realtor experience. Many people are starting to say that Realtors are no longer necessary, but at Movement Mortgage, they believe that Realtors provide a necessary and valuable service to consumers and they want to service Realtors to help them build their businesses. 

If you have any questions for Casey, don’t hesitate to reach out via his company’s websiteStay tuned for part three of our conversation coming up in the next few weeks.

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